Movie Review: Minions (2015)

Running time: 91 minutes

Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda

minions-2015-im-with-stupidFollowing the example of The Penguins of Madagascar, Gru’s loyal and adorable companions are now the protagonists of their own movie. The minions are for practically everyone the most unforgettable part about the Despicable Me movies but, while they work amazingly as side characters, can these cute creatures carry their own movie? And most importantly, can they survive without Gru?

After causing the demise of several of their evil masters, three minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, leave their exile in search of a new villain to serve. The journey takes them to Villain Con, where they manage to impress the world’s first woman supervillain, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), whose greatest desire is to become the Queen of England and needs the help of the minions to achieve her dream

minions-imageThe movie starts with a narration by Geoffrey Rush about how the minions have existed since the beginning of time and have gone through history always serving the greatest villains of the time, from the T-Rex to Napoleon, and often being the cause of their downfall. This causes them to go into isolation to the Antarctic where they quickly lose spirit without having a master to serve. In 42 B.G (42 years before Gru), Kevin, our alpha minion, decides to venture into the world again to search for a boss. He is accompanied by rebellious Stuart and the adorable little Bob.

These yellow creatures already conquered our hearts in the Despicable Me movies, and these three are able to carry the film without ever speaking a sentence in english as their dialogue consist of random spanish, french and italian words. Their search takes them to Orlando, where Villain Con, a wonderfully realized Comic Con for villains, is taking place. There they meet the meanest villain of all, Scarlet Overkill, and I am so glad they chose to make her evil through and through and not give her some sad back story to make her sympathetic. I loved her arc, from being friendly towards the minions at the beginning and as her plans go awry and she becomes more and more desperate, showing her true colors, always keeping her husband Herb as her soft spot. Jon Hamm is surprisingly hilarious.

minions-sandra-bullockWith these kind of spin-off films is practically inevitable not to draw a comparison to the originals and though Minions lacks the deep story that the two Despicable Me movies had, it definitely has more laughs in it. The humour walks a fine line between being funny and offensive but does it successfully and I laughed consistently throughout the film. From the opening credits with the minions singing as the Universal logo comes up, to the ending that ties the franchise in a brilliant way.

Most of the criticism I’m seeing with the film comes from it aiming especially towards kids. Unlike Pixar movies, which despite being considered for kids there is a lot in them for adults to enjoy and in the end adults are the ones who will appreciate the themes, Minions‘ target audience is mainly kids. Not that adults will hate it but they certainly won’t have the same appreciation for it. I personally loved it. It’s cute, it could have had a more complex story, but it’s delightfully entertaining.



Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

First of all, Happy New Year! Now, let’s star with some honorable mentions like Peach Perfect 2, Heart of the Sea, Jurassic World and Tomorrowland, films that I’m looking forward to, though not quite as excited about as the following:

#10 The Martian

ridley_scott_va_a_dirigir_the_martian_con_matt_damonDirector: Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott hasn’t done many great movies lately but I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt. The Martian is based in the novel by Andy Weir, so the story is already there and if Ridley Scott can do something is making an spectacular-looking film and with this one being set in Mars, I expect nothing less.


#9 Minions

minion-miniDirector: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda

The cutest part of Despicable Me has finally its own movie and is of course going to be one of my most anticipated of 2015. Starring the minions, this movie is going to be incredibly funny and adorable.


#8 The Hateful Eight

-7882faad-1c50-4e2a-b005-b0e51c821e04Director: Quentin Tarantino

After what he did with Django Unchained, I just can’t wait to see what Tarantino has in store for this movie. The script for the film leaked but I’m glad he’s still making it, that shows it has a lot of potential.

#7 Crimson Peak

Crimson-PeakDirector: Guillermo del Toro

Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain in a movie together, do I need to say more?

#6 Spectre

007-bond-movie-announcement-new-title-spectreDirector: Sam Mendes

I love what Sam Mendes has done with the Bond movies, especially with Skyfall and Daniel Craig is such a fantastic James Bond.


#5 Ant-Man

Ant-Man-Movie-CostumeDirector: Peyton Reed

It’s not much what we know about this movie and the production has been a rollercoaster with Edgar Wright leaving after so long attached to it and some people are starting to lose faith, but, for me, Marvel has yet to disappoint so I’m trusting them for now.


#4 Pan

hugh-jackman-in-an-image-from-the-new-pan-movieDirector: Joe Wright

I can’t describe how much I liked the trailer for this movie and that is why it’s so high in my list. Peter Pan is one of my favourite fairy tales and I just love the cast gathered for this movie. The kid, Levi Miller, looks like he could be a great Peter Pan and I’m super excited about Hugh Jackman and Garret Hedlund playing Blackbeard and Hook. The only one I’m still not fully convinced about is Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily.


#3 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

imagesDirector: Francis Lawrence

The first part might have suffered from a lack of action and being quite slow but everything in it was leading up to this moment  and even though Mockingjay is my least favourite book of the trilogy, the movies have still to disappoint me and I’m sure this  will be an action-packed finale.

#2 Star Wars: Episode VII

2014StarWars_TheForceAwakens_Press_251114Director: J.J. Abrams

The race for the top spot was in a dead heat but finally I’m putting the next Star Wars in second place just because at this point, considering the previous films, I have a little more faith in Marvel. Still, I’ve loved everything related to this movie. The teaser gave us just what we needed, I’m very excited about some of the cast members and to see the original cast coming back. The most disappointing thing is to think is still a year away.


#1 Avengers: Age of Ultron

avengers-age-ultronDirector: Joss Whedon

The first Avengers movie is probably one of my favourite movies of all time and it seems the sequel is going to be at the same level. The trailer was just spectacular. I like the change in the tone, the new additions with the twins, Vision, and, of course, Ultron, who has the potential to be an amazing villain. Also, I’m so excited to see how the events in Age of Ultron and the relation between Ironman and Cap lead to Civil War.


This Week’s Movie News (3-7 Nov)

Star Wars Title! Hobbit Trailer! Loki in Age of Ultron!


‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Title Revealed


Principal photography for the next Star Wars film, has been completed and to celebrate it, Disney announced the title of the seventh installment in the franchise: The Force Awakens. This could well mean that the trailer or at least a teaser is not far away. Maybe Disney decides to release it in front of Into the Woods, which will hit theater in December, a whole year before JJ Abrams’ film comes out.

Idris Elba confirms Heimdall and Loki’s appearance in ‘Age of Ultron’


Marvel and Joss Whedon must be really angry after the actor confirmed that he has indeed shot a scene for the Avengers sequel with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). We don’t know yet if he refered to a scene of the actual movie or if it will be an post-credit scene as it had been rumoured for a while. Whatever the case, it’s always great to see Loki back!

Christian Bale drops Steve Jobs’ role

Apple Jobs

If we announced last week that Christian Bale was going to play Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s next film this week it seems the actor has drop the role because he thinks he’s not right for the part. Leonardo DiCaprio had previously been in line to play the Apple co-founder before dropping off as well. It was reported that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper had been also under consideration, though is now Michael Fassbender the one rumoured to be in talks for the part.

‘Now You See Me 2’ synopsis released

One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their mind-bending spectacles, the Four Horsemen resurface in Now You See Me 2 only to find themselves face to face with a new enemy who enlists them to pull off their most dangerous heist yet.


Lionsgate has also confirmed Daniel Radcliffe’s character, Walter, probably the main antagonist, and Lizzy Caplan who will play Lula, replacing Isla Fisher’s Henley Reeves as the female lead. The other new addition is Taiwanese actor Jay Chou.

‘Toy Story 4’ Confirmed


Disney Pixar confirmed this week that Buzz and Woody will be returning to our screens in June 2017 by the hand of John Lasseter, who directed the first two movies. Now, the studio must have a lot of faith in the success of the film as they couldn’t have picked a more competitive time of the year. Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon 3 will hit theaters just the week before and Universal Pictures’ Despicable Me 3 two weeks after. It will definitely be an exciting month for animation.

Top Trailers of the Week!


‘A Most Violent Year’

‘Into the Woods’

‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’